The primary objective of this framework is to provide retrospective analytical reviews and analyses of core expenditures and transactions that can lead to the detection and recovery of overpayments. The following framework agreements will be approved on the basis of applications received and assessed against the conditions set out in the Guidelines for Framework Operators published in February 2017. That`s where we come in. As a member company, AQUA CLEAR and the services we offer are part of the “Analysis and Reconciliation” framework. As a result, we are recognized by the framework as compliant with the law and familiar with the framework contract and the contractual process and we have qualified as a recognized supplier. We will continue to review applications on an ongoing basis and communicate the results to trusts. These approved framework agreements are a tool that allows trusts to meet the price limits and rules of the supporting organizations. If you would like to access the framework agreement from another hub that does not yet appear on our website, please contact us first. (Your contact is responsible for the workflow of the relevant category.) If we haven`t already, we`ll contact the appropriate center and make arrangements to get details about the framework and see if it also offers room for broader LPP membership. If necessary, we will discuss the terms of access with the Hub and help you implement this agreement in your local organization. Those framework operators have committed to conclude framework agreements fully aligning the tariff ceilings with the conditions set out in the Guidelines for Operators published in February 2017, in accordance with the Agency`s rules. The Procure East of England framework is fully compliant with the BLEU and the Government Procurement Regulations 2015. The analysis and coordination framework offers user organisations a path that is legally in line with market launch as well as the benefits of significantly reduced supply periods.

Thanks to our collaboration with the other NHS supply centres – NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative and East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub – LPP members now have access to the framework agreements developed by these centres. Arrangements vary by hub and setting. Each hub conducted a review of the agreements currently in place to determine their applicability and value to its own members. In the case of the TPP, once an agreement has gone through a review process and it has been determined that it meets the needs of THE MEMBERS OF THEPP, we added it to our current work plan. It will then appear on our website both on the frame list page and on the corresponding category pages. You can identify an agreement that belongs to another hub and not to LPP because the authority is clearly named on the corresponding contract page. It also states that this framework agreement is available to you as an LPP member. Your contact person is the LPP category manager named in the contract. The frameworks of the hub. Please note that some hubs charge an access fee for some frameworks, so it is not always possible to secure access for free. This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework provided by the NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH) in the East of England and available to our member organisations via NOE CPC. This agreement is available to non-NOE CPC member organisations through the EOECPH To view crossroads-specific contracts, please use the search function below.

You can search by frame, keyword, or provider. A brief summary of the framework and marketing sheets are available, hub members can access additional information after logging into the site. If you are a member of a Hub member organization but do not have an individual login, please email to request one. The current LPP framework agreements, including those we have adopted from other hubs, can be found here. The following framework agreements have been approved by NHS England and NHS Improvement for 2022. The new framework has been updated and improved, with four new batches added to the scope. Agencies can also contact framework operators to discuss use and accessibility, including the possibility of joining new framework agreements. We encourage all trusts to contact the framework operators listed above to discuss approved framework agreements. If you have any questions about access to CPP Hub Executives or the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership, please contact our Chief Operating Officer, Lee Joseph. We will update this list when these framework agreements expire, are replaced by new agreements and/or additional agreements are approved.

Following the expiry of the previous analysis and reconciliation framework, the NHS East of England Collaborative Procurement Centre (the Carrefour) has launched an extended replacement contract. Hub members have access to a wide range of framework agreements and legally compliant contracts that offer a range of benefits, including cash savings opportunities, legal compliance, and instant access without members having to make their own individual purchases. Framework operators who have not yet applied for a permit are invited to read the guidelines for framework operators published in February 2017 and to apply for approval by completing the framework permit application form. .