Mediation takes people out of the public court system and allows them to reach an agreement in private, with or without lawyers. The method is respectful, fair, timely and cost-effective. Peter’s experience and expertise brings significant value to a case in terms of problem solving and settlement techniques.

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Family Law Services

Peter D. Eberlie’s practice is exclusively devoted to Family Law. We understand the emotional concerns, the financial pressures, and the legal issues. We can help you make informed decisions – so you can make the best choices.

Property Issues

In Ontario, the Family Law Act sets out a formula for equalizing assets and debts that accumulated during the marriage, specifically, from the date of marriage to the date of separation. The splitting of property and assets is achieved by providing specific claims based on a variety of factors and evidence

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Income for Support

In child support and spousal support claims, accurately determining the income of the payor is critical for both the recipient and the payor. When the payor is self-employed or controls a corporation in which he or she shelters income, calculating his or her true income can be extremely challenging

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Spousal Support

Spousal support may be claimed by spouses who are, or were, formerly married to one another. Additionally, special conditions apply to spousal support claims in the context of common law relationships. The goal of spousal support is to try

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Child Support

There is often considerable value at stake when Child support is to be paid over 10 to 20 years. Child support may also be increased by special and extraordinary expenses such as Daycare expenses or out of pocket Health expenses. Child support may also be affected by

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