Peter helps his clients make informed decisions so they can make the best choices.

Peter works to keep our clients out of Court whenever possible. We use meticulous, detailed preparation and negotiation to resolve issues without going to Court.

There are some cases where the issues can only be resolved in Court. Cases where there is a lack of financial disclosure, or where income determination is an issue may require Court involvement, to pursue your rights and financial interests. When going to Court and where litigation is the only option available to achieve our client’s goals, we provide vigorous representation at Trial.

Peter is one of London’s most experienced and successful Family Law Trial lawyers.

However, we find most of our cases are resolved through successfully prepared negotiation out of Court.


Determining Income for Child and Spousal Support

In child support and spousal support claims, accurately determining the income of the payor is critical for both the recipient and the payor. When the payor is self-employed or controls a corporation in which he or she shelters income, calculating his or her true income can be extremely challenging. Additionally, special conditions apply to spousal support claims in the context of common law marriage.

It is important to hire a lawyer experienced in handling complex spousal and child support claims.

Where a spouse has business interests, it is important to obtain an accurate business valuation and to determine the spouse’s real and available income from the business for support purposes.

Peter D. Eberlie is a lawyer who has excellent working relationships with financial experts, including Accountants, Actuaries and other professionals as needed to accurately investigate and determine a payor’s income.


Talk to Us First – London Law Firm Handling Support Cases

A careful analysis of the payor’s income, assets and obligations is required to ensure proper calculations for child support and spousal support payments.

At the Peter D. Eberlie Family Law Practice, We have extensive experience in the complex divorce cases involving both child and spousal support.

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