What is mediation?

Mediation and Arbitration are forms of alternative dispute resolution aimed at resolving issues arising from separation and marriage breakdown, outside of Court. Typically two separating spouses decide to enter into Mediation / Arbitration when they are struggling to come to an agreement over one or more aspects of issues arising from a separation.

During Mediation / Arbitration, the parties attend mediation sessions with or without their own lawyers, with a Mediator who serves as a neutral third party guiding the couple through the process and helping build consensus on issues.

The spouses will work through decisions involving child custody and access, child support and spousal support, and division of property. While the process is collaborative and aimed at providing the two parties with the information and support they need to develop workable solutions to disputed issues, each party should have his or her own lawyer available during negotiations and to review the elements of any separation agreement before it is finalized. Arbitrators will impose a decision on the parties while a Mediator will not.

When is mediation important

Typically two separating spouses decide to enter into Mediation / Arbitration when they cannot reach an agreement over one or more of the issues triggered by a separation.  Mediation only works if both parties are acting in good faith and provide full and complete financial disclosure.

How does mediation help you?

  • Mediation can help you resolve issues  – outside of court – in private
  • it is be cost-effective
  • is faster than the court process
  • can give the ability to formulate unique solutions tailored to your case
  • can help maintain relationships and foster understanding
  • is a safe, fair, practical and confidential process
  • can create settlement agreements that will be enforceable
  • can result in agreements such as: Separation Agreements, Parenting Agreements
  • and, if you are in the middle of a court case, mediation can clarify issues and simplify the court process

Representation in Mediation / Arbitration

At the Peter D. Eberlie Family Law Practice, we have in-depth familiarity with divorce and separation and  mediation and arbitration processes in Southwest Ontario. We recommend that anyone entering into negotiations through alternative forms of dispute resolution have an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer available to provide timely advice.

Peter has extensive experience representing clients in the Mediation/Arbitration process with successful and lasting results. His knowledge and expertise will point the way to achieving your goals in the resolution of family law issues.

Mediation / Arbitration Services

Peter also works as a Mediator/Arbitrator and assists clients in achieving a resolution of their Family Law issues.

Mr. Eberlie brings over 40 years of experience in Family Law in Ontario to achieve and facilitate respectful, timely, fair and cost-effective resolutions.

Peter contributes significant value to each case in terms of problem solving and settlement techniques.

The parties involved come away from the process knowing that the best possible resolutions were obtained, and that issues are finalized – so all can move forward with their lives.

London Family Law Mediation Lawyer

If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable London family law mediation lawyer, contact our hardworking team at the Peter D. Eberlie Law Firm. We take pride in being accessible, available and supportive at all times. Call the Peter D. Eberlie Law Firm at 519-473-8988 or send us an email, and we will be in touch with you.