Spousal support may be claimed by spouses who are, or were, formally married to one another. Additionally, special conditions apply to spousal support claims in the context of common law relationship.

The goal of spousal support is to try to alleviate any financial disadvantages that a spouse may face as a consequence of the breakdown of the relationship and to compensate for loss of career or income opportunities as a result of what happened in the marriage or relationship.

There are Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG) which help determine the amount of spousal support to be paid and the length of time that it should be paid. These are “guidelines” only and are not law but are followed by the Courts.

Sometimes, spouses are able to come up with an agreement about support on their own; however, it is important that each of them has a knowledgeable lawyer to advise on the Spousal support issues to ensure that their rights and interests are protected.

How an Experienced London Spousal Support Lawyer Can Help

A careful analysis of the payor’s income is required to determine income for support, to ensure proper calculations for spousal support payments.

At Peter D. Eberlie Family Law Practice, we will work to negotiate a favourable agreement on your behalf. If an agreement cannot be reached, a Court action can be started, continued, or defended. Usually spousal support is dealt with at the same time as other claims included with a divorce such as child support, child custody and access and the division of family property.


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A careful analysis of the payor’s income, assets and obligations is required to ensure proper calculations for child support and spousal support payments.

At the Peter D. Eberlie Family Law Practice, we have extensive experience in the complex divorce cases involving spousal support.

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