Arguments over children are often the most contentious and emotionally challenging issues following a divorce or separation. Parents must make decisions about where the children will live; how often each parent will visit with the children; and how they will share their parenting rights and responsibilities.

These are the rights of the Child – not the parents.

Our goal is to help parents protect the parent-child relationship and resolve issues outside of Court. Custody and access arrangements can be resolved by way of a Separation Agreement or a Parenting Plan.

If parents cannot agree on the Custody / Access issues, they can go to Court and have a Judge decide those issues. However a Judge may not necessarily agree with either parent’s custody and access plan.

There is one fundamental guiding principle used to determine child custody and access: ‘WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD?’   In answering this question, the child’s rights must be considered, including the child’s right to have a relationship with each parent.

When going to Court is the only option available to resolve the issues, we are ready to provide expert representation at Trial.


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We are here to help you resolve disputes over child custody and access, and to work toward a positive arrangement for you and your children – be it sole custody, full custody, joint custody, split custody, shared custody or interim custody rights.

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