If they cannot reach an agreement, they can go to Court and have a Judge decide the issues. At the Peter D. Eberlie Family Law Practice, we encourage amicable negotiations following a separation and divorce whenever possible. We use meticulous, detailed preparation and negotiation to resolve issues without going to Court.

Going to Court should be A LAST RESORT reserved for contested difficult situations where a spouse refuses to meet their obligations. For example, if he or she will not provide necessary financial information or refuses to meet his or her legal obligations by paying support.

While Domestic Contracts such as separation agreements can be effective, they can also be set aside by the Court in certain circumstances where there has been a failure to provide financial disclosure or where it has been signed under obvious duress.

Mediation/Arbitration is also an option where 2 parties need further assistance while attempting to agree on certain elements of a separation agreement without going to Court. We can assist you in the Mediation /Arbitration process with representation and detailed preparation of your case, leading to a successful resolution of your case.


London Lawyers Handling Separation Agreements in Southwestern Ontario

Peter D. Eberlie is a highly experienced lawyer who has achieved success for countless people following separation and divorce. Most of his cases are settled without Trial and out of Court through Peter’s effective negotiations.

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